Monday, 11 March 2013


This is a blog about our garden tucked away in a clearing in a forest, on a hillside in South East Wales. We have been gradually improving our old stone house since we moved in about 18 months ago. New roof, chimneys, windows, sewage systems and a million other things have happened since and we still have lots to do, but finally we can turn our attention to the interesting bit. The garden.

Originally a simple stone cottage and, it's reasonable to assume, an at least semi self-sufficient small holding, over the years our home has been gradually turned into a bigger house with a fairly run of the mill garden.

Somewhere along the line (relatively recently) the land that went with the house was mostly sold off, leaving us with a decent sized garden, but less land than we would have liked. We are determined to restore a wilder character to the garden and some of the features that would have existed in 1870, which is the oldest recorded mention of the house I can find in local records.

We have spent much of our outdoor time so far cutting down and clearing out.

The land we have now looks like this, you can see the bare earth resulting from the installation of the sewage treatment plant last Autumn. The whole property is bounded by beautiful dry stone walls – when we moved in we didn’t know they were there – the boundaries of the property looked like hedges:

This is a wet part of the world and we often find ourselves in clouds that float down the valley and along the river creating a beautiful moody atmospheric tableau:

In summer the borders and our roadside verges are full of vibrant naturalised Crocosmia, which gives more of a taste of our vision for the garden:

As this blog develops I hope to add sections on particular projects:  Orchard, Vegetable patch etc and share our success's and failures.  I suspect that I will also be looking for help and advice too!
So welcome to the Garden in Rainy Valley.  We hope you enjoy your visit.

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