Sunday, 28 April 2013

More signs of Spring and 4 tons of top soil

  I think we can confidently say now that it's Spring - there's signs all over the garden, with some early blossom, the Wisteria about to burst into leaf, bulbs popping up all over and a carpet of primroses pouring down the bank and onto the lawn, things are beginning to look quite hopeful.  The trees are still a bit behind though - not a lot of green fuzz to be seen, but it surely can't be long now.  My raised veg patch is ready - which took some doing as it needed a bit of soil to fill it up - 4 tons of a bit to be precise, with every spade full shoveled by H - I really hope I manage to grow something edible now to make it all worthwhile (panic).  Yesterday I planted some first herbs,  carrot seeds, and some sunflower and garlic plants that are already hardened off, but its still too cold for anything much else - despite the better weather it was still -1 last night, so it would be daft to go mad for the sake of a week or so.   I am going to read up on symbiotic planting arrangements to see what I can mix into the planting scheme to give everything the best chance of flourishing - carrots with onions and marigolds and that jazz.  However, this is very much an experiment year so be prepared for reports of disaster, ravenous deer and invasive bugs as the year goes on!

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