Monday, 15 April 2013

Signs of Spring and a little progress.....

Well, it's finally happened, the temperature has been above ten degrees for two consecutive days and I can hardly contain myself! 
Yesterday I finally sowed the wild flower seed amongst the trees in our embryonic orchard, an mix suited to heavy clay soils, which that area has become due to the building work last autumn, and because I'm told perennial mixes are hard to get established in the first year, I've added a cornfield annuals mix that should grow quite easily and look pretty. 
The trees are just beginning to come into leaf, the bulbs are coming out on the verge, the raised veg bed is just waiting for its soil and all is good in the world.

We are very happy with the terrace now that its finished -  over the last few months H has dug up lots of beautiful flagstones that had been artfully hidden in the garden, they are possibly from an old floor in the house or maybe the original stones from the terrace, but in any event they were obviously banished at some point in the past - probably when the house underwent a 1970's type sterilisation process and was turned into a holiday cottage.   Why would anyone hide anything so beautiful I will never know, but hidden they were.  Thanks to H's vision and imagination we have given them a new lease of life by setting them into limestone chippings, and I think they look fab:

A familiar mewing sound filled the air yesterday as our what we think is a  Honey Buzzard returned.  We haven't seen it over the winter, and everything I've read suggests migration to Africa for the Winter so its appearance made us feel even more spring like.  Last week a flock of Long Tailed Tits spent a few minutes feasting off insects on the wisteria that grows over the house, they were so tiny and industrious and  fast moving that I couldn't get a photo, but imagine about 15 of these little chaps in the photo at the top of the page and you get the picture!

We also spotted a Tree Creeper last week on an old apple tree behind the house.  So come on Nature keep it up we're so nearly there.....!


  1. Spring is a lovely time. The flagstones look wonderful in the path.

    1. Ah thank you! We think they are worth making a feature of. There's no doubt that the people who built our house had an endless supply of stone.