Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Going Home

I had to work late yesterday, with my last meeting ending at 20.30.  As I drove home the sun was setting across the estuary, and despite the long day all was good in the world as I realised, that at long last I'm right where I want to be.  Way out west where the sun sets.  There's a place in the world for everyone - it just takes a while to get there sometimes.


  1. Lovely photo,sometimes working late has it's compensations !

  2. I just recently discovered your blog among the new listings at Blotanical and am enjoying it very much. I do "Garden Blogs of the Month" feature on my blog, Jean's Garden, where I review and recommend recently discovered blogs that I think my readers would enjoy. Your blog is one of three that I am highlighting this month. My post reviewing your blog just went up, and your blog will be featured on my sidebar throughout the month.

  3. Wonderful attitude! The journey of finding our own sweet spot just makes the spot even sweeter. :o)

  4. trawling Google for mention of Blotanical and I'm delighted to find one of Jean's treasures. We are still waiting in patience and hope for Blotanical 2 to go into live beta.

    1. Thankyou Diana - a busy summer of work and family commitments has slowed my blogging right down but I hope to get going again soon