Monday, 13 May 2013

Summer was last week

Well, this weekend was characterised by rain.  Sheets of rain.  Cold rain.  Things are happening though.  The carrots and the aubergines have germinated and the leeks seem to have taken nicely. The raised vegetable bed is beginning to look more used with the herbs adding a touch of green to the expanse of empty soil.  Our Winter Nellis Pear, a year older than the other trees we have planted is in blossom, and the Wisteria is in flower.
Still not many bees in the garden, due I think to the rain as there is plenty of fruit blossom about.  but, the valley has sprung into life over the past two weeks and everywhere you look is green green green!

Last weekend was glorious and we walked up into the woods above the house to see how the bluebells are doing; at the time they weren't out very much but it was still so beautiful up there:

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