Friday, 12 July 2013

Garden Progress Report

Summer is here.  It's official. We have had temperatures touching 30 degrees all week, and the garden and I are loving it.  The vegetable patch is growing so fast that I think if you sit for a day and just watch it you could honestly almost see it grow; sunflowers are heading skywards and have grown centimetres in just a few days, pea pods are appearing in their 10's daily, and the beans would grace a nursery rhyme no trouble at all.  We planted Asparagus Peas, Lotus tetragobolonus and they have germinated and are developing into nice stocky little plants which should provide an interesting stir fry ingredient - a mange tout type pea pod with a ridged appearance and asparagus like flavour.  I had some cucumber plants thrust on me "because otherwise they were going on the compost heap" a few weeks ago, and although I didn't think I really had space for them nor any great urge to grow cucumbers I did plant them and they are doing very well.  Apparently you can grow them up canes rather than trailing along the ground tying them in hard as they grow, so I am trying this and so far so good.  The same kind person also gave me tomato plants which are thriving in with the herbs. The aubergines and peppers  are also doing really well, but are still tiny plants which will need to be kept inside over the winter to have any chance of them producing next year.

The rest of the garden is taking on that overblown muddled mid summer feel that gives you permission to give up on the weeding on the basis that you will spoil everything else while trying to get to the weeds.  The Crocosmia and day lilies are about to flower too.
 We decided to leave the wildflower patch alone in all its awfulness to give it a chance to establish for next year, and we have removed the top of the protectors from the fruit trees letting the leaves and branches relax more.  I will post an update about the trees in the next few days, but so far so good.

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