Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sleepy Bees

The last few weeks have been full of family events and business that has stopped me blogging.  During this time we have had scorching weather for a couple of weeks and now good old UK summer weather.  Hot muggy, very high humidity and then torrential rain, thunder and lightening and gales.  This mad weather has of course taken its toll on the garden, which is now very overgrown, green and ......flat.  There is a lot to be done to try to resurrect the garden for late summer.
The vegetables have done well, we have had kilos of peas and haricot vert  and salad leaves, the runners are coming and the sunflowers are six foot high.  H found copious quantities of Deer droppings in one corner of the garden this morning, surprisingly not where we see them coming in normally, so we will have to see whether the garden and the Deer can live in harmony, we're not keen on the idea of stopping them coming through the garden unless we really have to.
We have a large swathe of Goldenrod (Solidago sp, Asteraceae) growing on our roadside verge and we have noticed how much the bees love it.  Looking at it this evening it was smothered by very slow moving sleepy Bumbles - is it the weather, the end of the season or does the golden rod pollen make then dopey?  Ideas in the comments section please - would love to know what you think!


  1. Hi - I came to visit your goldenrod hedge. I agree, the pollinators seem to be intoxicated by it.

  2. Interesting isn't it - they are still there now. We think it may actually be the drop in temperature. They move a little when you touch them with a leaf, but then just settle down again.

  3. Goldenrod is a native plant in my area of New York State. It is prized by bees and other pollinators in the late summer and fall. It is so rich in pollen they just tay on the plant and sleep. And yes it is the weather and drop in temp that will make them look dopey. Very precious stuff that goldenrod.

    It will move and seed all over but we love it.

  4. Nice pictures of the Goldenrod. They are real fun for the bees and I like the flowers to make arrangements for the house. The disadvantage is they are spreading like mad, so I have to keep them under control. I am for the first time here and will be a new follower.