Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year, new post,new blogs

So, here comes 2017.  Three hundred and sixty five bright shiny new days to make make what we will of.  I am (of course...) determined to get the blog going again after a long time away.  During that time, I was mostly playing around with social media, particularly the Facebook thing.  This didn't suit me at all as I found I spent lots of time as a bystander watching other people's lives and waiting naively for people I know to communicate with me properly - and guess what - they don't!  So a while back I deleted my account and got out of what (for me) was quite a negative experience.
However, looking at the blogs I had been following previously several of them had also been dormant for a very long time.  So maybe blogging fall off is more commonplace than I thought and to be expected in a busy world.  Consequently I am alson on the search for new blogs to follow and to link to my site.
So, I hear you say - hows the garden?  Well, 2016 was a very pretty year in the garden in rainy valley:

Updates on trees and verges and willow structures, Sweden, Heligan and art all coming soon.  Happy New Year!

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